Spring into Action

5/5 2015

Has the warm weather crept up on you?  Have you readied your yard and home for the coming of summer weather, outdoor bar b q’s and all the other wonderful ways to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Well, I for one tend to be a day late and a dollar short in getting it all done in a timely manner!  However, that never stops me from saying “bring it on!”  I’m pretty sure that my patio furniture, if it could talk, would say, “excuse me?  I think I’m a very important ingredient to this shindig and I haven’t had my  scrubbing yet!”  I plant my pots after I think the freezes are done, however, that usually leaves them looking a bit skimpy when the “roll out”  finally happens!  A great bar b q, shared with family and friends.  A baseball game on the radio and some backyard volleyball make for an awesome weekend!  So don’t delay another day, get started and have some down home fun this weekend.

What will be your plans during the merry month of May?

Let’er Buck Cologne would love to hear your stories.

One Response to “Spring into Action”

  1. paul Says:

    Is the sport cologne the same as the regular
    Leterbuck cologne >

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