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Let’er Buck Cologne Shipping Info

Let’er Buck ships all of our products via UPS to the continental United States. We currently offer $5.00 flat shipping on all orders. We do not currently ship to Mexico, Canada or outside of the Continental United States. If you are interested in purchasing Let’er Buck Cologne and you live outside of the continental US please contact us at to make special arrangements.

Questions About Your Order?
If you have any questions about your current order please contact us at and one of our representatives will follow up on your request within 24 hours Monday – Friday. If you submit a request to us on the weekend, we will happily respond to your request within 24 hours of the following Monday (Holidays excluded). Please include as much information about your order or request so we can best assist you.

Protection of Customer Information

We will not give or sell confidential or Personal Information (as described below) about our customer to any third party not affiliated with their transaction, except as necessary to provide UPS services to the customer, as required by law, or in connection with an investigation of possible illegality or misuse of UPS services.

We collect and store information about every package we handle so that we can efficiently provide the package delivery services demanded by our customers. We use information about our customers, their packages, and their shipping activity to provide or enhance the services we make available to our customers, communicate with our customers about additional services they may find of value, satisfy our legitimate business interests (including performing trend analysis and market studies), set prices, establish credit, fulfill a Contract of Carriage or Service Agreement, accomplish the billing function, and comply with government regulations. Although government regulations vary in the many countries in which we operate, they frequently include the reporting of information to transportation, safety, customs, and other regulatory agencies.

As we collect and use information about our customers, we may contract with vendors to assist us in processing that information for those purposes listed in the previous paragraph. These vendors are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are restricted from using the information for any other purpose. In addition, as UPS continues to develop its business, we may buy or sell subsidiaries or business units. As part of these transactions, customer information of the subsidiaries or business units may be one of the transferred assets.

Examples of information that we collect include names, addresses, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers and telephone numbers. Some of the information collected by UPS is data which relates to an identifiable person (“Personal Information”). We never sell information to third parties that could be used to specifically identify an individual customer or group of customers. Anonymized data is sometimes shared with third parties. Finally, we do provide Personal Information to government agencies as required by law or regulation, and in connection with investigations of possible illegality or misuse of UPS services.

In addition to the uses of the information described in the paragraphs above, we collect telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in the event that we have to contact the shipper, or the shipment recipient or addressee, to resolve a question or provide shipment status information.

Shipment Information

Information, including Personal Information, provided as part of a shipping transaction represents a record of that business transaction and cannot be altered after the transaction is complete except as provided in the UPS Terms and Conditions. The UPS Terms and Conditions are available at in the Customer Service section of the Support tab and at local UPS offices. Although we make reasonable efforts to limit access to our facilities and vehicles to authorized personnel, we are not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information that is printed and placed in plain view on a package or letter.

Security and Integrity of Information

We treat our data as assets that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. We employ information security techniques to appropriately protect confidential information from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the company. Access to customer information is limited to those employees who have a legitimate business need for that information.

UPS Web Sites, and their supporting systems, employ generally accepted information security techniques such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptography to appropriately protect confidential information from unauthorized access.

Retention of Customer Information

We retain information, including Personal Information, about customers as necessary for business purposes and as required by government regulation. For example, we retain information about packages, including names and addresses, so that we can provide proof of delivery information and to process claim requests. We carefully dispose of records and delete information when retention periods expire.

Customers are Responsible for Protecting Information and Systems on Their Premises

Some information about UPS customers and their packages is stored in shipping systems located on customer premises. Customers concerned about the security of their information in these systems should secure it by activating passwords and using physical access controls. When these systems (hardware or software) are provided by UPS, we provide tools to facilitate customer efforts to safeguard their information.

What Information We Collect And How We Will Use It

Users can visit most areas of the UPS Web Sites without revealing who they are or providing any information about themselves. However, some of our interactive services require that users identify themselves in order to enable the interactive function. We may ask users to provide some Personal Information in these situations.

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