Pendleton Round Up Time

9/5 2013

It’s almost here, you can almost hear the horses hooves thudding softly in the dirt, the bulls pushing and shoving in their pens.  Vendor tents popping up all over town getting ready to sell all sorts of wares and goodies.  Food wagons finding their spots to start cooking everything from the all american hamburger with grilled onions to the famous indian fry bread with huckleberry jam and any other food or drink you can imagine.  The excitement is palpable and contagious.  Where your heart does a flip with the start of every event.   The thrill and pride it brings to watch our US jets fly in formation overhead, the boom of a canon you can actually feel in the pit of your stomach; along with the famous shout of “Let’er Buck,” to start the whole thing off.  One of the oldest and most unique rodeos you will ever see even if you’ve “seen them all.”         I hope 2013 finds you here!Saddle BroncPendleton, OR.   Sept 11-14.  See you there!

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In September 1910, the first PENDLETON ROUND-UP drew a crowd of 7,000 spectators. It was an instant sensation, and the gathering grew in popularity and size into what is now a four-day event attracting visitors from around the world. Read more about the Round-Up...

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