Fantastic Fall

10/14 2013

Fall is most definitely here!  From the porch of my cabin; I can see, smell and feel the semi trucks ladened with freshly picked apples and grapes go by.  The trees, tired now after a long summer of providing welcomed shade, are slowly giving up their brightly colored leaves to begin their long winter’s sleep.  Football has now replaced baseball as the sport to follow, unless, of course, your baseball team is in the playoffs!  So with all these signs of fall, one cannot help but start thinking of the upcoming holidays.  Like Halloween; just thinking about that makes my teeth buzz!  On the heels of that, comes Thanksgiving.  Where giving Thanks and counting our Blessings is the order of the day; and inviting “Mr Tom Gobble” to join us for dinner is a must.   Along with all the trimmings, including a fresh veggie tray that looks like our “guest of honor” in full strut, we can “feel” the  excitement of the season “mounting!”  Christmas is the gift of Christ.  A gift of love, grace and mercy for all!  We gather with friends and family and celebrate with laughter and song.  Once again, delicious food and luscious desserts abound.  Okay, and somewhere in this surrounding of fun and love, we give that favorte someone a gaily wrapped gift that you hope dazzles and delights.  Might I suggest giving your loved one the gift that will last for months and sizing is not a problem….Let’er Buck Cologne!  A size and price that will fit any budget and will bring back memories of this moment for a long time to come!  Visit our locator page to find a retail store nearest you or purchase right here on our website for fast easy service.

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